The Corruption and Collusion in Case of Schlesinger Twins

“A senior Austrian judge, Konstanze Thau, a friend of the father’s family, sought to influence the judge hearing the case on behalf of the father”

MP Ivan Lewis representations to the British parliament, 14 January 2014

Corrupt: Konstanze Thau

In February 2010, Michael Schlesinger was evicted from the family apartment by police after being deemed a danger to Beth and the children. He immediately approached his close family friend, high Court Judge, Konstanze Thau to initiate custody proceedings on his behalf.

Since the mother repeatedly accused the judge of bias as part of her custody appeal, Ms Gottlicher saw it an necessary to include a transcript from 12.9.2011 (ON 263) to document that Ms Thau had called her and explained that there was a father who wanted to file an immediate application in a custody process and that she (Thau) requested whether an urgent meeting with Judge Gottlicher would be possible, which she (Gottlicher) agreed to.” (Susanne Göttlicher, 25.3.2013, rejection of application to recuse her)

A copy of such a transcript was never sent to Beth’s lawyer nor recorded on the court file.

the matter is explained as follows – the father did not yet have legal representation and therefore appealed to Ms Thau to arrange an appointment for him – bearing in mind the effort she was making.” (Schlesinger’s reply to the custody appeal)

In any democtratic system in the world, such an intervention would be considered an attempt to pervert the course of justice. However, Judge Gottlicher determined – in deciding on the application to have her removed – that Thau’s intervention on the father’s behalf was not proofof bias:

The fact that one who has no legal involvement in the case is friends with a party in the proceedings does not automatically mean that the judge can successfully be recused because of bias, otherwise it would be possible to recuse any unwanted judge on the claims of friendships or relationships.” Susanne Gottlicher, 25.3. 2013.

Yet on learning of the allegations, a local Viennese journalist decided to investigate. Her findings were reported in a news story (Heute) printed on 7 January 2013:

This newspaper can now reveal the findings of our research: For months a high court judge (name known) has intervened on the side of the father (the high court judge is a good friend of the ex-husband).

Beth’s lawyer further discovered:

(the journalist) is also a member of the Jewish Community of Vienna and regularly meets Ms Thau there (Synagogue). As already mentioned, since this case is the number one topic of the Jewish community, (the journalist) became interested in it and carried out research. She also personally overheard Ms. Konstanz Thau boasting that she (Konstanze Thau) influenced the psychological report (Willinger Report) and also had regular contact with the judge on the case.” (application to recuse Judge Gottlicher).

How could it be possible that Thau may also have been instrumental in the psychologist report on which the custody decision was based?

Judge Gottlicher commissioned psychologist Dr Ulrike Willinger to carry out the assessment and provide the Court with a recommendation for custody. The 80-page report was wholly one-sided in favour of Mr Schlesinger and recommended him for sole custody, omitting all reference to the alleged history of violence.

The author of the report was a colleague of Kenneth Thau; they worked together in the AKH hospital. In fact, Kenneth Thau, was Willinger’s line manager. Kenneth Thau is married to Konstanze Thau, which would explain Thau’s alleged bragging that she was able to influence the Willinger report.

Kenneth Thau

Not only did Konstanze Thau make representations to Judge Göttlicher on Schlesinger’s behalf, it was later documented that she also contacted a Dr Vavrik, the superior of the twins’ psychologist who had written several reports in Beth’s favour .

“…Ms Thau was advised … to contact Dr Vavrik… to request him to examine the childen. After which, senior expert Dr Vavrik…refused to undertake (the request) in what was for him and his clinic a very delicate matter. [Reply to custody appeal, 22.8.2011].

Beth’s lawyer wrote to Dr Vavrik to ask if Thau had indeed contacted him which he confirmed.

The Thaus are prominent members of the IKG. Konstanze Thau was converted by former Chief Rabbi Paul Eisenberg. The conversions themselves have been the subject of much controversy with some Rabbis in Israel refusing to recognise the legitimacy of Viennese conversions:

Joining the dots in this tangled web of deceit and the final nail in the coffin for Beth, Sammy and Benji is the link between Konstanze Thau & Rabbi Biderman, head of the Lauder Chabad school who is reported to have covered up the abuse.

Below, evidence of Jacob Biderman forwarding Beth’s private emails on to Konstanze Thau.

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