Thank you for the birthday love!

Thank you to all my very special friends and family for making today so much easier. All your good wishes and prayers got me through the day and have given me so much hope and strength for whatever the coming year brings.

Growing old is scary! Turning 30 would have been a bleak milestone for me even in the best of times – but without my children was especially hard. Your love and support is just wonderful!

I have received such meaningful messages and gifts from such lovely kind, thoughtful people.

A million thanks from the bottom of my heart!!!

Some special gifts:

twins fun1 twins fun2

Pictures from Cinzia! Thank you my dear friend:)

….And a very special poem that touched my heart.┬áThank you, Ewen!


In the bleakest darkness,

Just one candle is all that is needed.

To breathe light.

It has the kindness to show you:

There is a way out.

Like the Ner Tamid.

One candle of glimmering hope.

And despite each drip of scalding wax

Your grip never falters.

With determined stride,

And candle grasped firm,

Through the darkness

You bravely forge ahead.

The glimmer of a candle is all that is needed.

Praying for my little boys, Sammy and Benji today and every day. May this year finally be our year!


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