Successful Demonstration outside Austrian Embassy, 13.3.2013

Ivan Lewis MP endorses the campaign

Ivan Lewis MP endorses the campaign

A massive thanks to all the hardy supporters who came out in force yesterday, braving the snow to stand in the wet and cold for 1.5 hours to get our message across to the Austrian Embassy.

DEMONSTRATION FOR SCHLESINGER TWINSThe demonstration was a great success. Over 100 people protested. Placards were held and slogans were shouted, calling for justice for the Schlesinger Twins.

You certainly made a big impact! The deputy ambassador came out as arranged and received our petition personally. As a parent himself, he expressed sympathy and was extremely understanding of our cause.

Deputy Ambassador

Deputy Ambassador

Inside the Embassy, the deputy ambassador announced our demonstration at the AJR reception. He explained the reasons for it and read out the text of the petition. The bound petition booklet, which included nearly 3000 signatures and hundreds of comments from people all over the world, was then circulated for the guests to read.

DEMONSTRATION FOR SCHLESINGER TWINSThis morning, the Consulate forwarded our petition and accompanying covering letter to the Austrian Justice Ministry, informing them of the protest that took place outside their premises.


It is now up to the Austrian government to apply even a fraction of the compassion and humanity which was publicly shown by the good people in London yesterday, to resolve Sammy and Benji’s tragic case.

Your loyal support for Sammy & Benji is a triumph of justice and humanity!



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