Schlesinger Twins raised in British Parliament as “Serious Miscarriage of Justice”

On 17th December 2013, MPs in London’s House of Commons held a debate on justice. Mr Matthew Offord MP, raised the case of the Schlesinger Twins in Vienna and urged “representations” to the Austrian government due to this “serious miscarriage of justice”. The question was answered by Mr Chris Grayling MP, Secretary of State for Justice.


Speaker of the House of Commons: Question from Matthew Offord

Mr Matthew Offord MP: Does the minister share my concern about the case of Beth Schlesinger and the unusual decision by an Austrian court to deprive her of custody of her two young children? Will the minister undertake to make representations to the Austrian government for what many people consider to be a serious miscarriage of justice?

Mr Chris Grayling MP: Well I’m very happy to discuss the case with my honourable friend. I suspect he, as constituency MP, may be better placed to make representation but I’m very happy to discuss it with him.

Watch the full parliamentary debate here (question appears at 12:33:24 on the video):






Schlesinger Twins raised in British Parliament as “Serious Miscarriage of Justice” — 1 Comment

  1. At last it’s not before time that something was done by an English MP for an English citizen, the quicker these poor kids are returned to their mum the better. These poor little boys should never be allowed near their psychopathic father and his hateful, ugly family. He’s not fit for purpose and definitely not fit to be a parent to these poor little boys.

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