Sammy ill, denied his mother

There is only one thing worse than seeing your little boy ill and watching him suffer; that is not being able to see him and be there for him at a time he needs you most.

Today, the father chose to inflict that agony.

The lady who supervises the handover texted me at 10.30, half an hour before my visit to say the father had messaged her last night to say Sammy was ill and ‘there is a chance only Benji will be able to come.’

Just 2 minutes later she sent another sms that Sammy had fever and would ‘unfortunately not be joining.’

I immediately called her and told her that I would take care of Sammy, he could stay in bed and we would stay at home all day, just let him be with his mummy when he’s poorly. Of course the answer she got back from the father was an adamant ‘no.’ I then asked if we could go together to pick Benji up from the apartment and be able to see Sammy at the same time, just for a few minutes to kiss him and see how he is. Again, I was denied.

The father brought Benji down to the supermarket where he decided the handovers must take place while one of the Filipinos stayed with Sammy. He dropped Benji off without a word and turned to walk away.

‘Michael, how is Sammy? What’s wrong with him? I asked. He heard the worry and anxiety in my voice but just walked away, without even saying goodbye to Benji.

I later sent him an email:

‘I would really like to know how Sammy is. Please could you email me your mobile number.

He replied in German:

Er hat Fieber sonst geht’s ihm gut.  aber wie es ihm wirklich geht werde ich dann sowieso im Internet lesen……

‘He has a temperature, otherwise he is well but if I really want to know how he is, I can read it on the internet….’

At 5pm I asked the handover lady if I could speak to Sammy on the phone – just to hear his voice and know how he is. I don’t have the father’s mobile number. She asked the father but said the answer she got was ‘a very firm NO’.

This was a man who was awarded custody on the basis of his ‘bindungstoleranz’ – his supposed willingness to cooperate with me, the mother. This word has been used perversely throughout the proceedings to ‘justify’ the flawed psychologist’s and judges’ decisions. After all, the father is quoted as saying just how ‘kind’ and cooperative he would be should he be awarded custody:

He promised to:
– inform me about all matters concerning the children
– let me see the children ‘whenever I wanted’
– allow me to visit the children in his apartment (when I once tried to do so he called the police)
– take the children on holiday, including ‘extended holidays and trips to England’

From the day custody was transferred to the father, he has done everything possible to break the children’s contact with me, deny me access at every opportunity, not inform me about anything, including operations to remove their teeth when they were just 3 years old and be as hostile, uncooperative and antagonistic as possible.

Everyone who has studied our case knows that there was never any justification for awarding him custody. The children’s lack of development in his ‘care’ (for him, a ‘burden’ he has relegated to 2 Filipinos) as well as the father’s intolerable and pathological behaviour since then just serve to highlight the injustice of the original decision and prove why returning the children to their rightful home is the only realistic solution and one that is already long overdue.
Benji today missing his brother at his side

Benji today missing his brother at his side

Sammy & Benji together at Sunday's visit

Both together at Sunday’s visit


Sammy ill, denied his mother — 2 Comments

  1. It is becoming very obvious that Michael Schlesinger is playing mind games. After reading the whole history of this travesty of justice to Beth I have concluded that Michael Schlesinger is a woman hater and a sadistic bastard. It is unfortunate that there is no transparency, clarity or truths in the system that lead to this terrible situation. Why Beth are you not taking this to the courts in the Hague or are they as useless as the UN. Like I keep saying unless he locks the children up for the rest of their lives one day and even if he brain washes them there is the internet and the children will see everything but and even if they dont believe the facts they will see all the comments from people like me, all the letters from Rabbis, all the articles by journalists and then it will dawn on them what a terrible thing has been perpetrated by their father and his family. They may even hate him then. You have to keep protesting, using your connections so that one day these kids will see the other side. All of us hope of course thatn you do not have to wait that long Beth. We around the world all pray for you that your anguish will soon be over and that your sons are rightfully returned to you.

  2. Dear little Sammy, who looks quite well on Sunday in the daytime in the above picture, apparently caught a fever in the course of Monday or on Tuesday morning. But he knows that Tuesday is a “Mama Day”. Beth will have returned the boys on Monday morning with a heavy heart but also with a cheery, “See you again tomorrow!” What a child needs most of all when unwell (“only with a fever”, as the father reported)is…. the caressing and sweetness of their mother! I believe the children live only a short distance away from her – in a cab about 5 min, I’ve heard. I’m sure Sammy wanted desperately to be with his mama and not separated from his twin or left with a nanny who obviously doesn’t talk to him ie in either German or English,especially when he was feeling miserable. Once again, the father failed to cater to the needs of of one of his sons.

    And now we find out that this man not only failed to bring Sammy along, despite his illness, but also failed to say good bye to Benji. He refused, too, to let Beth comfort her sick little Sammy. Surely the judge must be moved to tears, like anyone with a heart, by this scenario: Sammy left behind,to cry for his mother and brother,when this cruelty was totally unnecessary.

    Judge Göttlicher: what are you hoping to prove by allowing little children to suffer when it must by now be clear that the boys are missing out on a great deal of a normal childhood and will be totally left behind developmentally if the status quo is maintained?

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