Same old court, same old games

I recently reported ( ) that Judge Susanne Gottlicher gave up the case and transferred it to a different court, in the father’s district where the children reside. I was informed of this by no less than THREE court orders and it is something that should have happened a long time ago.

 However, the father appealed and shockingly won!

Only Judge Susanne Gottlicher, ‘knows the parents’ personalities'” and ‘knows the needs of the children!’ stated the court order. The case must stay with her.

They said she now needs to make a quick decision about my visitation and that’s also why the case must stay with her. I applied weeks ago for the father to uphold my Tuesday visits since the visiting centre closed down.

After not granting me my Tuesday visits for weeks, the father now wants the handovers to be supervised in a private arrangement (against the court order) by the woman from the visiting centre (that has closed down). He wants me to pick the children up from a supermarket near his house, for which I must still pay 50 Euro – plus 25 Euro if a visit is cancelled at short notice. He rejects the generous offer of Chief Rabbi Eisenberg to do the handovers for free in the Synagogue near my apartment. Obviously that would be too easy and too humane for the children.

My visit tomorrow is cancelled. If anyone in Vienna would be kind enough to take a picture of my children in their costumes (if they even have one) or even let me know if you see my boys this Purim, I would be so grateful.

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