Never Alone

A beautiful poem I came across… Constantly thinking of my poorly little boys, Sammy and Benji, whom I cannot yet hold in my arms but hold in my heart every second of every day.       

hope and love

At times like these it’s hard to find the right words to say, 
And I know that words alone won’t take the pain away.

But, I know a man who sits high, and looks low, 
And He is saying, “My child, you’re not alone.”

He is saying, “I love you and I am concerned about you, 
And all the pain and hurt that you are going through.”

He is saying, “Lean on me, I will be your comfort through this time. 
And although it’s dark now, the sun again will shine.”

Even though it’s hard to see through tears that you now cry, 
Just know that there will come a day when your tears, He will dry.

And though words alone won’t ease the pain that you now feel, 
Just know that in time, your heart, He will heal.

I pray that God will give you peace, and strength in your heart 
As He holds you in His arms, and from you, He won’t depart.

May you always be encouraged, may you ever hold on. 
And remember, “My child, you’re not alone.”

Johnnye Chandler

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