Letter from Chabad Headquarters Crown Heights 11 January 2016

1 Shevat 5766
11 January 2016

Mr. Adrian Alexander

Dear Mr Alexander,

I write in response to your letter of December 28, 2015. Please be assured that we understand your concern regarding the need for the Schlesinger twins (your nephews) to have a meaningful interaction with their mother, Beth Alexander. Indeed, the Torah perspective places great emphasis on the role of a Jewish mother in nurturing and educating her children, especially so when the children are of a young age and are in need of the special attention and care that only a mother can provide.

Rabbi Krinsky has discussed this matter with Rabbi Biderman and strongly encouraged him to help facilitate the involvement of Beth with her children’s educational development at the Chabad school in Vienna, to the extent that it is permissible by law and provided that there is not a clear determination by professionals that to do so would be detrimental to the children’s wellbeing. Rabbi Biderman assured Rabbi Krinsky that he has done so and will continue to do so. It is ultimately up to Rabbi Biderman to make a determination as how to best address this issue consistent with the facts on the ground.

It is our fervent hope that all the involved parties recognize that the best interest of the Schlesinger twins is what is of paramount concern, and that all efforts be made to assure that the relevant issues which are being decided are being made with that thought in mind.


Rabbi Mendel Sharfstein

On Behalf of the Merkos Board of Trustees/Directors

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