Jewish Telegraph Letter 31.01.2014

So tragic that Beth’s nightmare goes on . . . and on

THE TWINS: 'Something must be done'

THE TWINS: ‘Something must be done’

I am Italian and am following the story of Manchester tug-of-love mother Beth Alexander on the Internet.

I read the Jewish Telegraph article headed Beth’s tragic tale. And the previous articles. You are right — it is a human tragedy. It is undoubtedly a travesty of justice.

Just to recap, her husband has custody of their four-year-old twins and Beth has very limited access to them in Vienna. The Jewish Telegraph has repeatedly told of the injustice she has suffered at the hands of the Austrian courts.

I urge you to organise something, to take any possible initiative. The twins need help. We must help Beth in order to help the children.

She must find a convenient location to meet her children until this nightmare is over. Why not help her with a fundraising event? She has many friends and many people follow her in social networks.

Hopefully, many people are willing to give some financial help.

SAD: Beth

SAD: Beth

For example, you could organise through a charity organisation a fundraising event on the media or on social networks called “pay a visit” and people could give a contribution for one visit or part of it.

She could be able to continue to meet her children. We must do something for these two little boys — they are experiencing inhumanity.

Let’s show them that they can trust this world. I think that stronger action could be taken.


Jewish Telegraph 31st January 2014

Jewish Telegraph 31st January 2014


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  1. That’s an extremely good idea and I am going to ask the Jewish Mother who has a Twitter and Facebook page if she can post that Beth needs financial help and if any of her readers can contribute and no matter how small the donation every penny will be appreciated and will go towards the financial costs of hopefully seeing the boys.

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