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Commons debate on love-tug case?

GRAHAM Stringer MP is to ask Foreign Office minister David Liddington to make representations to Austria about the case of Manchester tug-oflove mother Beth Alexander.

He will also seek a debate in parliament when the Commons returns in January.

Mother of four-year-old twins, Beth, who is estranged from her Viennese husband, has access to the children for only six hours a week and on alternate Sundays.

Now, a leading Australian educationalist has joined in the calls to right the injustice many feel she has suffered at the hands of the Austrian courts.

Rabbi James Kennard, who was head of Manchester’s King David High School Yavneh, has hit out at Vienna Chabad which forbids Beth to see her children at their kindergarten, or even to be kept abreast of their progress — or lack of it, as she insists.

He has written to Chabad describing their actions as “completely out of character for Chabad”.

Rabbi Kennard, referring to “this terrible situation” about which “Chabad still does nothing”, says that its director [Rabbi Jacob Biderman] “continues to make statements that are simply untrue”.

Jewish Telegraph 27th Dec 2013

Jewish Telegraph 27th Dec 2013


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  1. The problem here is not merely the no of hrs the mother has access to her children but the reason why she is being forced to live her life without them: they have been STOLEN from her by a court in a country where the rule of law is supposed to prevail! She has to PAY to see her own sons, whose official kidnapping was the result of inhumane behaviour by the father and his very obvious collusion with the Austrian judiciary to make her look like the psychiatric case that she is clearly not. No mother in a peaceful western country should have to go through anything like this! Chabad is breaking the law but appears to have a status in Vienna which is above it – WHY? What is wrong with Rabbi Bidermann? How can any civilized members of the non-Jewish Vienna population have any respect for anyone associated with a Jewish sect that does not care about the welfare of young children? The twins NEED their mother and primary carer! At 4 1/2, they should be speaking both English and German fluently (coming from bilingual parents)but there is not a single person who has so far proven that they are able to! Why are so many lies being told about them? Let’s hope the British politicians and Jewish religious leaders succeed in achieving what the incompetent Austrian Family Court in 1020 Vienna has not – the fair return of the boys to their mother, along with appropriate access for the father if he is able to prove that he is both capable and loving. I think many of us have our doubts about the latter, however.

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