Jewish Telegraph 20.12.2013

Commons airing for Beth case

AFTER a Board of Deputies’ delegation last week discussed with the Austrian ambassador the case of a Manchester mother-of-four who has been denied custody of her children in Austria, an MP has now raised the matter in the Commons.

Matthew Offord asked Justice Secretary Chris Grayling whether he shared his concern about the case of Beth Alexander, “and the unusual decision by an Austrian court to deprive her of custody of her two young children”.

He asked the minister to raise with the Austrian government what many considered “a serious miscarriage of justice”.

Mr Grayling agreed to discuss the case with Mr Offord who represents Hendon, the constituency where Beth’s brothers Graeme and Adrian live.

Meanwhile, there is considerable behind-the-scenes activity, including gaining support from high-profile figures, to seek a fair hearing for Beth, whose Viennese husband has custody of their twin boys, while she is able to see them for only six hours a week and on alternate Sundays.


Jewish Telegraph 20th Dec 2013

Jewish Telegraph 20th Dec 2013

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