Jewish Telegraph 15.11.2013

Beth can’t see her sons

More pain for mother

By Doreen Wachmann

The agony continues for the Manchester-born mother who lost her custody appeal for her four-year-old twins.

Beth Alexander, who is waging an international campaign against the Austrian court ruling which denies her custody of her sons, now claims she is being denied visiting access without adequate reason.

This week she received a phone call to say that son Benji was ill and that she could not see his twin brother Sammy either.

Beth said: “In the two years my ex has had custody , he has never produced a single doctor’s note nor confirmation of the children’s ‘illnesses’ when he repeatedly cancel my visits.

“The courts normally fine the custodial parent for cancelled visits, but in my case no action has been taken against the father, who is protected by the Austrian judges.

“This allows him to keep cancelling my visits on a whim without any consequences.

“Two innocent children are being deprived of their mother”


Jewish Telegraph 15th Nov 2013

Jewish Telegraph 15th Nov 2013

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