Jewish Telegraph 13.12.2013

Austrian envoy’s pledge on mother’s plight

THE Austrian ambassador to Britain has promised a Board of Deputies delegation that he will raise  the plight of Mancunian tug-of-love mother Beth Alexander with his government.

Dr Emil Brix heard how 29-year-old Beth, who is separated from her Austrian husband, is allowed  access to her four-year-old twins for just six hours a week and on alternate Sundays.

An Austrian court has also forbidden her to have them stay overnight and upheld the decision of a lower court to award custody of the children to Dr Michael Schlesinger.

Barrister Jonathan Arkush, a Board vice president who was part of the delegation, said: “Having studied the court’s judgement carefully, I am extremely concerned about its lack of reasoning to support the unusual decision to deprive a mother of the custody, or even shared custody, of her two very young children.

“I fear that a serious miscarriage of justice has occurred.”

Jewish Telegraph 13th December 2013

Jewish Telegraph 13th December 2013

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