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 Beth’s battle for twins ends as judge dismisses appeal

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The family of a British Jewish woman fighting a nightmarish custody battle in Vienna for two her twin boys have spoken of a “travesty of justice” after an appeal court judge rejected their final application this week.

Beth Schlesinger (nee Alexander) has been fighting against court rulings depriving her of access to her toddler sons, a decision supporters say was “shocking and unjustified”.  This week the father was awarded 100% custody.

“They rejected everything,” said Beth’s brother Adrian, who blasted the process from start to finish. “They rejected our application for custody, our application for better visitation rights, our application to fine the father for all the cancelled visits and our application for an assessment of the father and the children.”

The ongoing case, which has been roundly criticised for its fairness and handling, had been subsequently sent back to the lower court for further processing. A custody decision in July granting the father full custody was appealed, and the family finally received a response from the appeal court on Wednesday.

“This is not a battle over money, property or assets,” said Beth from Vienna. “All I’m fighting for is the right to love and protect my little boys like any other perfectly good mother. There were no grounds to rip them from me and I won’t give up until I have them back.”

The decision would have a huge impact on the boys, said Adrian, who explained that the decision to take the children away from their mother had left the twins “traumatised”.

“This is clearly a travesty of justice. I feel furious that an EU country can call this justice. Why then have they taken the children from her in the most barbaric manner? Whatever happened to International Law? Whatever happened to the EU convention of Human Rights? We will not be rest until justice is carried out.”


The Jewish News 08.11.2013

The Jewish News 08.11.2013


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  1. Lets say Dr Schlesinger keeps the children till they become independant adults. By then the twins will be using computer programs far in advance of today’s facebook, twitter etc. Their father will not be able to hide or censor the information for long and those children will discover the truth.Even if Dr Schlesinger tries to hide the facts or will probably have brainwashed the children into thinking the mother was unfit there will be plenty of electronic information that these children will eventually find. The many articles in the press in England, Israel, Austria, America, Australia will be a testament to what really happened to Beth. The truth will come out. Dr Schlesinger will not be able to supress the information forever. Then these children will know that truth of this teriible injustice. So Dr Schlesinger enjoy your reign of power and pompous nasty arrogance. The day will come when it will come back to bite you. Perhaps it will only be in your old age but you will not be able to black out this information from your children forever.Justice will prevail sooner or later

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