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Beth Alexander uncertain when she will next see sons

By Charlotte Oliver, February 5, 2014
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A British mother who last month lost her battle for custody of her four-year-old twin sons does not

Beth Alexander with her sons, Benjamin and Samuel

Beth Alexander with her sons, Benjamin and Samuel

know when she will next see her children, after the family centre that arranges her visits said it will no longer do so.

In January, Beth Alexander was denied the right to take her case to the Austrian Supreme Court, having previously lost a hearing and an appeal over the boys, who live in Vienna with her Austrian ex-husband Michael Schlesinger.

She has had limited visiting rights for the last two-and-a-half years, which are overseen by the centre as her ex-husband refuses to make direct contact.

But after picking up her sons on Tuesday, Ms Alexander was told she and her ex-husband could no longer use them as a go-between.

Ms Alexander said in her online blog: “I don’t know when I will see my children again. It could take weeks or even months until any new decisions are made and, in the meantime, I have no idea how I can continue even my minimal visitation rights.”

According to Ms Alexander, her ex-husband has refused offers from various rabbis within the Jewish community in Vienna to assist in handing over the twins to her.

She said: “When the handover employee at the centre asked their father how he intended for the visits to continue, he showed a total lack of interest or concern.

“I have spent thousands of hours and thousands of euros on these visits. Access to my children has been made as burdensome as possible for me and as stressful as possible for the children”.



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