First Night Chanukah

Sammy (left) Benji (right)

This is the second Chanukah without my dear boys. Sammy and Benji were just 18 months old our last Chanukah together. They were going through hard times then – teething! On the picture, Benji’s cheek is red and sore and Sammy has his finger in his mouth. How I wish now that teething would have been the worst problem they would ever have to face. We had no idea then of the much worse pain and suffering that was to come.

This year, though, as I light the candles, I do so optimistically.

The Festival of Lights reminds us of miracles and the power of perseverance. G-d’s miracles are not restricted to ancient times. Miracles happen every day, the hand of G-d is everywhere if we choose to see it. Jewish history has taught us never to give up. Even in the darkest of times, there is always light and there is always hope.

“Even if you are in the midst of great suffering, do not give up hope” (Pirkei Avot 1:7 Rashi)

Sammy and Benji, may G-d hear our prayers for you and may the light of this Chanukah be a harbinger of brighter times to come. Love you always & forever xxx


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