Final Custody Recommendation by the Social Services

There is no longer any attempt by the institutions involved to operate under the guise of neutrality.

The one-sidedness and unfair play going on in Samuel and Benjamin’s case is so blatant that it makes a total mockery of the judicial process.

The last post described the exploitation by the visiting centre. I have also written here about the Social Services’ previous outrageous demands for exorbitant maintenance and their insistence that I work as a cleaning lady to meet these unrealistic costs.

Today, I received a new report by the Social Services. The judge, without informing myself or my lawyer commissioned them to assess the father’s parenting skills and write a final custody recommendation. They wrote that they have been in regular and intensive discussions with the father for weeks and yet not once have they made contact with me. Neither have they seen me with the children. Their report omits all mention of the mother’s role in the children’s lives. For them and their custody recommendation, that is apparently irrelevant.

Instead, the report focuses on the ‘loving, caring father’ and the huge developments of the children in his care! It is sickening to read.

Although they state they received numerous danger reports from myself, my father-in-law, the NSPCC equivalent and from the Social Services in my district, they dismissed these strong warnings out of hand and concluded that the children were not in any danger and were ‘well-cared for.’

The ‘document’ includes PRIVATE ‘psychological reports’ which claim the children are perfectly developed for their age. Although they can barely speak and still wear nappies at nearly 4 years old! The lack of professionalism and credibility of one of these privately paid psychologists is illustrated by a report she wrote (2 years ago)  about my competence as a mother without ever having seen or spoken to me – solely based on what the father had told her! 

This latest psychologist report alleges that Sammy speaks ’50 words’ including 3 word sentences (which I have yet to hear). Benjamin is further behind, she wrote, but this is no cause for alarm as he is ‘bound to catch up soon.’ And yet one of the grounds the judge gave for removing the children from my care was that at 2 years old they did not have a vocabulary of 200 words!!

They are cared for by a ‘nanny,’ the report states, who ‘collects the children from kindergarten and is very competent.’ In actual fact, they are ‘in the care of” 2 Fillipino women whom the court knows nothing about. No information has been given about their visa status / right to live in Austria, their earnings, their qualifications to work with children or even the language they speak to the children. This vital information is apparently also irrelevant to the Social Services. Although the Fillipinos (deciphered from poor German and very bad English) told me personally that they are with the children all weekend, from 8am to 8pm.

The report goes on to claim that the father is very caring because he personally picks the twins up from Kindergarten once a week. The rest of the time, the report states, the ‘nanny’ takes them and collects them. Only one of the Filipinos is mentioned.

People have questioned my disappointment in Chabad. After knowing their complicity in this evil, it is easy to understand the way I feel. The report includes the assessment by the Chabad Kindergarten. The Jewish director says how well the children have developed under the father’s care.’ The assistants were ‘shocked’ the report claims, at how disturbed the children were when they first started kindergarten, how insecure and clingy they were to everyone. They had just been ripped from their mother. I had been their constant caregiver day and night for the first 2 years of their lives. They were forcibly removed from me by the police, put in an unfamiliar apartment, surrounded by unfamiliar people, spoken to in another language, dumped off in kindergarten for the very first time, denied contact with their mother for 8 weeks and the kindergarten was surprised they were disturbed, behaving abnormally and refusing to eat or play???!

The Social Services then have the audacity to repeat in the report that the children need ‘calm and stability!’

‘As a priority, Mr Schlesinger wishes an end to the outside pressure brought to bear on his family, so that he may concentrate on the further development of his children in peace.’

They also commend him on his resilience in the face of my campaign for justice.

‘Mr Schlesinger cooperates well and does not allow his frustrations and annoyance with the mother’s actions, e.g her media exposure to get in the way of his child raising.’

No mention is made of the visits continually cancelled by the father. Samuel and Benjamin were even denied all access to their mother for 7-8 weeks at a time!

The report, without the need for any further investigation, concludes,

‘The continuation of the children in their father’s custody as well as the transfer of final custody to the father is recommended in the best interests of the children.’

This one-sided nonsense must be thrown out immediately. Samuel and Benjamin cannot be treated in this way. It is an insult to the legacies of the founders of freedom and democracy.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” 
― Martin Luther King Jr.



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