Evidence of Parental Alienation and Domestic Abuse

August 2021. As a result of contact application. Total manipulation and psychological damage to his own children. These texts ripped out my heart.

[The “guardian” is an independent person appointed by the state with the sole responsibility of representing the children’s interests. The guardian does not represent either parent in the custody case.]

The father’s response to the Times of Israel article :TRANSLATION”Look in the mirror. But careful it doesn’t break”

May be an image of text that says "Today 12:17 What is so funny? Schau mal in den Spiegel 12:21 �� 12:22 Aber pass auf das er nicht zerbricht 12:22 Message"

Text message samples

May be an image of text that says "Can the boys please call 18:35 Unfortunately they dont want to, they read everyday what you and your "friends" are writing....the children from their class feel sorry for them. You completely chose the wrong way....dknt you want to change the way of thinking? Its not too late 18:41"

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