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    SUBJECT: Schlesinger Twins Scandal in Vienna

    Dear Your Excellency,

    Re: Beth Schlesinger nee Alexander mother of twins Samuel and Benjamin Schlesinger

    I am writing to you regarding the victims of a tragic custody battle in Vienna; twin boys, Samuel and Benjamin Schlesinger.

    The case,as you may well know, has been widely reported in the international and local media. A petition was launched and a demonstration was held outside the Austrian Embassy in London in March 2013 appealing for justice.

    In a shocking and suspicious ruling the father, Michael Schlesinger, was awarded full and immediate custody in July 2011. Last week it was reported that British mother Beth lost her High Court Appeal for the return of the boys to her care. Not only that, her applications for better visitation rights (overnights and weekends) as well as fining the father for cancelled visits were all denied without any real justification.

    As more details emerge of the process and the disturbed state of the children, it is apparent that this has NOT BEEN A FAIR TRIAL:

    Here are just some of the reasons:

    • Not a single custody hearing was held

    • The decision was based on a flawed psychological assessment of the children 3 years out of date

    • No assessment was made of the father

    • The mother has been proven to be 100% psychologically sound with no reduced child raising abilities

    • Evidence of the father's violence and the mother's competence as well as critical reports about the children are missing from the court files

    • Reports of the children self-harming in kindergarten and danger reports from the father's neighbours about disturbing crying from the father's apartment have not been investigated

    • A personal friend of the father, High Court Judge, Konstanz Thau (with no professional standing on the case) was reported to have intervened on the father's behalf

    I am positive that you would not wish your country, usually portrayed as an example of Western democracy which conscientiously upholds the rule of law, to be shown lacking in fairness and transparency. There are many irregularities in this case which have been highlighted in the legal process and important evidence has been dismissed as 'irrelevant' to decisions.

    I call on you, as the Austrian Representative in my country, to satisfy me that your country has not abdicated its responsibility in the Family Courts and finally considers the welfare and best interests of two voiceless vulnerable children, Samuel and Benjamin Schlesinger.

    Kind Regards




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