Email from the guardian to the judge

[A “guardian” is a court-appointed official who has the sole responsibility of representing the childrens’ interests, independently of either of the parents. Any contact between the guardian and the children is expected to take place without the presence of either parent.]

Parental Alienation is very hard to understand unless you have experienced it firsthand. It is a slow insidious process whereby the abusive parent drip feeds the child to hate and distrust the loving parent. The innocent child who has been ‘trauma bonded’ to their abuser is made to feel a traitor if they express love or wish for contact with their loving parent. They will be punished for doing so.

Besides for the fact our last meeting [between Beth and the twins] took place under close supervision and every word was censored.

The family courts and social services are ignorant, untrained or support the alienation for their own agendas. Thus, the abusive parent achieves their aim: to gradually erase the loving parent from the child’s life.

They do not return at 18 because the damage has been done.

Email from guardian to the judge.

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