Today is the second Tuesday that the father has denied me access to the children.

I saw them on Sunday (pick up at a temporary visiting centre) at the cost of 50 Euros. But they cannot do Tuesdays. Although the father is breaching the court order, it seems there is nothing I can do about it.

Judge Susanne Gottlicher has now given up the case and transferred it to the court in the father’s district where the children reside. Legally, the case should have transferred 2 years ago when the father was first awarded custody. I applied for the transfer then but Gottlicher refused to give up the case at that time.

The father has appealed Gotticher’s decision now, arguing that the case MUST stay with her because only she ‘knows the personalities of the parents.’ He is adamant that no other judge can take over the case.

The Appeal Court must now decide which court has jurisdiction. In the meantime the case is frozen – yet again. The father can flout the court orders and deny the children access to their mother with impunity because there is no judge to enforce the current visitation order or make new decisions.

The father is well aware of this and is exploiting the opportunity – yet again – to deny me even  the minimal contact  the court has awarded me.

I am left in limbo,having no idea when the Appeal Court will decide about the jurisdiction of the court and don’t know how long after that any visiting decisions will be made. If a new judge is appointed, hearings will probably be held, which all takes time and drags out the process further.

In addition, the father’s lawyer recently sent a letter to the Chabad kindergarten banning them from any contact with me and preventing the teachers from divulging any information about the children’s progress and welfare.

The children will turn 5 in May and still cannot speak full sentences or even communicate basic information. And yet the courts still maintain the ‘children’s interests’ take priority above all else!


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