Lessons for my children


My dear little angels, Sammy and Benji,

You do not yet have voices of your own but take comfort that there are now so many wonderful people around the world that have lent their voices to speak out on your behalves.

And even if you were able to talk, how could you possibly begin to understand what has happened to you, innocent children, in this cruel and confusing adult world? How could you ever find the words to express your fears and anguish at being robbed of your mother’s tender love, warmth and security, the comfort that every other child takes for granted?

Don’t we teach you that adults protect their children, look after their best interests and care for their needs? Don’t we teach you to respect your leaders and look up to them as role models to aspire to? That justice and morality are the highest of virtues?

My dearest baby boys, you, like I, have witnessed the ugliest, darkest side of humanity. It is a sad, disappointing lesson that in this world, there are people fuelled by hatred and anger, spite and bitterness. But please don’t become dispirited. Remember, that even in the midst of evil, there will always be those who are loving and decent. For every corrupt person, there is another who is straight and just. For every person who lies and steals, there is another who is honest and giving. For every person seeking destruction, there is another who seeks to nurture and cherish. For every person filled with rage, there is another whose heart is brimming with love and compassion. And for every person motivated by greed and power, there is another striving to help and share.

My darling boys: Never abandon your pursuit for truth and goodness even when deceit and wickedness reign around you. Always know the difference between right and wrong even when others have no conscience. Always show love and generosity, even when others hate and are bent on revenge. Always be compassionate, even when others are devoid of emotions.

Even in the darkest of times, never give up hope in humanity.

My little angels, Sammy and Benji, although I am no longer there to hold you in my arms when you wake up in the morning or give you kisses and tuck you in at night, snuggling for a story like we always did, know that even when you cannot see me, I am always there. You are forever in my heart, my thoughts, my prayers.

The special bond between a mother and her children can never be broken.

There is not only me. You now have an army of supporters behind you.

Justice will prevail and the truth will come out one day soon.

I love you always and forever.

Mummy xxx

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