Cancelled visit Sammy, 21.1.2014

Yesterday’s visit with Sammy was cancelled again because the father alleged he ‘still had a fever.’

I had Benji alone for the day.

Of course the time was precious but it was impossible not to constantly worry and think about little Sammy who was left behind. Who was with him? Was anyone taking care of him? Did the father go to work and leave a ‘poorly’ child with the Filipino stranger? How did Sammy manage a whole day without Benji when they are practically joined at the hip?

Benji missed his twin brother so much. We drew pictures to take to Sammy and Benji even set a place for Sammy when he helped set the table for lunch.

The visiting centre are closing down. My last visit with them is next Tuesday. Another proposed visiting centre charges even more money per visit and does not offer Tuesday mornings.The father insists the handovers must be supervised but has refused the kind offer of Chief Rabbi Eisenberg to supervise the handovers personally at no cost. He has also refused Rabbi Hofmeister’s suggestion of me seeing the boys at the Rabbi’s house on alternate Shabbatot.

The father has also refused to allow me to pick the children up from the kindergarten. Nor will he bring the children to my apartment or allow me to pick them up from his apartment. He refuses to communicate directly with me and hasn’t made any suggestions how the visits can continue. This is the same man who was quoted in the psychologist’s report promising a 50-50 split should he be awarded custody. The same man who assured everyone the mother ‘would be able to see the children whenever she wanted.’ The same man who said ‘the mother could even stay in his apartment overnight with the children’ and who even said ‘the mother could take the children on extended holidays to England.’

From next Tuesday I have no idea how or even if Sammy and Benji will be able to see their mother again.

I have contacted the Rabbis and leaders of the community begging for urgent assistance in finding another visiting arrangement but haven’t had a single response!

Sammy and Benji are now in danger of having all access to their mother completely cut off.


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