Cancelled visit – again

Sunday 10th August 2014

After the stress of a diverted tram and the additional cost of a taxi ride, I finally arrived at the visiting centre just in time to pick up my kids for my overnight visit.

I called to confirm last Thursday and the woman responsible confirmed the visit would take place However, Mr Schlesinger decided not to show. He had not bothered to inform anyone he wasn´t coming and inconvenienced not only me but also the woman in charge who had come especially for us.

She made me pay the 25 Euro charge anyway.

Today I got a phone call from the Tuesday handover lady to say Mr Schlesinger realised he had made a mistake. I had last weekend with the children but the judge had awarded that in addition to my Sunday overnight stays, not instead of. However much he hopes to hurt and disappoint me, when will he realise the effect his actions are having on the children?

What did he tell Sammy and Benji this time why they couldn´t see ´Mama?´






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  1. What a lovely video, Beth have faith. A small step has been made so now you see the children at least except for these last minute cancellations. A small step for you, a giant step for the children at least to see you more often. I believe that things will get better for you. I know and all of us following your story know what a hard battle this has been for you full of heartache, suffering and emotional upheaval but keep on keeping on. You are a woman and we women are strong. Your strength will surpass your ex one day and you will win because of and in spite of him. Chazak V’ematz!!!!!

  2. Sammy and Benji must realise by now that their father is a liar. How many times have they known a day with their mother was due and their despicable dad must have told them a tall story? I believe this has happened on many occasions. Is this the kind of father the Austria courts wish to see setting an example to his kids that is truly beyond the pale? Why are they not removed from this monster, who is doing his darndest to make their lives hell – except when they’re feeling loved and wanted, with their mother and her parents? I gather the other grandfather, who would be a valuable relative for them, speaking German as he does, is not even allowed to see them because the father coerced the mother into signing a document to keep him away! Surely that must now be rectified, Judge Göttlicher! These boys can hardly put a sentence together in any language, I hear. How traumatised they must be.

  3. Judge Gottlicher…
    Whilst all of these updates are heart-breaking to read, they appear to be a very clear and contemporaneous record of the father’s mis-deeds in his ‘care and custody’ of the twins; together with his total contempt of the Court Orders made?
    Sadly – and I TOTALLY understand that you needed to ‘test the water’ to ensure that the correct custody decision was made to ensure “the best interests of the children” but surely, even you can now see that the longer this appalling situation continues, the more psychological/psychiatric help these boys will need if not (VERY) soon returned to the loving care of their (unjustly) defamed mother?
    For the sake of these beautiful children, P-L-E-A-S-E now make the necessary Order to restore their care/control to their mother.
    IT IS TIME!!!

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