Cancelled Visit 28th May 2013

After not being able to be with the boys on their birthday last Friday and having not seen them for a whole week, I was so anxious for today’s visit.

The blow came at 8.30 this morning when the visiting centre called to inform me Sammy is ill and the father doesn’t have anyone to stay with him while he brings Benji to the centre so the visit was cancelled.

Even though his mother and sister, the boys’ grandmother and aunt, live on the same floor in the next door flat and even though the father has a car and could have done the journey in about 10 minutes.

No mention was made of what is wrong with Sammy, only that the doctor was supposed to be coming at 11am. No mention was made either of a substitute visit.

The pain, suffering and heartache continues…

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  1. It is indeed odd that a doctor would be needed when a child is ill and the parent himself has been described as a doctor. My father was a doctor and so we never needed anyone else to diagnose and treat our illnesses when we were young. The father must have taken a day off work today and cancelled the nannies, it seems. Doesn’t quite make sense to me – sounds like avoidance tactics. Even a sick child can be taken somewhere nearby in a taxi/car. We once took a family member with a not yet diagnosed tropical disease on a long flight. That’s not to be recommended but a short car trip would hardly be a problem if the doctor was not coming till 11 am anyway. Doesn’t sound like Sammy’s symptoms were life-threatening.

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