Once again the father has cancelled my visit today.

I was told in a 7.30am phone call by the woman from the visiting centre that Benji is ‘ill’ and I cannot see Sammy. No further explanation was given by the father.

In the 2 years he has had custody, he has never produced a single doctor’s note or confirmation of the children’s ‘illnesses’ when he repeatedly cancels my visits.

The courts normally fine the custodial parent for cancelled visits but of course in my case no action has been taken against the father, he is protected by the Austrian judges. This allows him to keep cancelling my visits on a whim at a moment’s notice without any consequences.

Two innocent children are being cruelly deprived of their mother in their lives. The worst part? This is being done LEGALLY by the Austrian courts in the full glare of the world.

Our governments can no longer claim they cannot intervene because ‘Austria is an EU country with a proper judicial system.’   This makes a mockery of democracy and justice everywhere.




CANCELLED VISIT 10.11.2013 — 5 Comments

  1. OMG Beth this is too much, the father is a nasty, spiteful, vindictive piece of crap with a screw loose, God help his patients he’s not fit to be on the earth never mind be a doctor and a a parent. I have read the report given by the judiciary in which the father is given custody and I couldn’t believe it, no matter what he’s done and the evidence you provide and that your mentally competent etc. etc. to the Austrian legal system it’s all irrelevant. This beggars belief I can’t believe a judicial system would come to such a crazy decision. The evidence is all there, it’s glaringly obvious the kids are suffering badly in his care that alone is cause for concern, coupled with his erratic behaviour in fact I would go as far as stating that he needs sectioned as to my mind he is a dangerous person and could potentially do the kids more harm than he has done already. There is only one place for the boys and it’s with their mum grandparents and other family members. Is there anything we can do more for you apart from telling people, and putting it on our Twitter account ( I don’t have FB), contacting the newspapers, TV. Is there anything else you can think of? What is the next step? The European Court of Human Rights to me would be the next logical step or can you appeal the court’s decision before going to the EC?

  2. Hi Beth,

    I live in Belgium and i am in the same situation as you. I am also a mother who lost a custody over her son because my Dutch wasn’t good enough.
    One of my friends forwarded me this article and I just wanted to keep in touch with you hoping we can maybe help each other.


  3. Aine, I fear Beth will have to go to the supreme court in Austria before she can approach the ECHR. That’s the usual rule. An incredible waste of money, resulting, presumably deliberately, from the father’s cruel behaviour, combined with the refusal of the biased Austrian family court judges to carry out fair hearings.

    As I didn’t succeed in posting on the Daily Mail site yesterday, am going to add my comments intended for their website here instead:

    1) Strangely, the article speaks of the father being a “society doctor”. This is hardly possible, as he is only 34 and was listed as an intern on the Wilhelminenspital website (Vienna) up till just a few months ago. Thus his internship, which I believe began in 2006 and could possibly also consist of general training (approx 3 years) + specialized training (approx 6 years), may not have been completed or he could now be doing what is known in Austria as a “Lehrpraxis”, a max. of 12 months assisting a registered doctor in a practice (as part of the internship). That he has become a “society doctor” at 34, after working in the hospital until 2013 and spending some of that time at home caring for his sons as well, would be well nigh impossible in Austria. Googling his name produces no relevant information concerning his professional career either, unlike a real “society doctor”. So the journalist appears to have got this wrong and it may be that this father has garnered respect in these biased courts which he in no way deserves.

    2) A poster on the Daily Mail page asks why this story is news:

    It’s news in Austria as it rarely happens that fathers are given full and permanent custody of their children in this country. Even mothers with a lot of problems (eg drugs) are usually awarded custody, although there may be a new trend in the other direction resulting from the aggressive actions of fathers’ organizations. Comparisons with other countries are IMO irrelevant here, as we are talking about what is usual in Austria, not the UK or anywhere else. This particular mother carried and gave birth to these 2 children after making some decisions that she now realizes were not wise. She was their primary carer and broke no laws. The father, on the contrary, tried to have her admitted as a psychiatric patient, lied to the police about being a psychiatrist (which he was and is not), was witnessed committing acts of violence against his wife and even caused her to have to flee to a refuge one night. The court has ignored all of this and so such a case definitely makes alarming news concerning the state of the legal system in the Austrian family courts.

  4. Franziska thanks for info, so it’s the father’s money that has got him this far as they say ” money talks and bullshit walks “. Surely it is a criminal offence to pass yourself off as a psychiatrist so therefore this should have led to a criminal charge against the father also the violence against Beth should have seen him standing in the dock. The info you give re his non society status as a doctor must be investigated and placed in front of the court at any future court proceedings. It does make alarming news as it could happen to somebody else not just Beth. She is all alone out there and to add insult to injury she has to pay 44 euros every visit that is rubbing salt into the wounds. Emotionally and financially this is crippling Beth and the poor little boys are suffering. I wonder if this scenario has happened in any other EU country I certainly hope not because it doesn’t bode well for Austria.

  5. Hi,
    My name is Inara and I live in Belgium. I am replying to the last question of Aine. Yes it does happen in other countries of Europe. My son was taken away from me because the court decided that I don’t speak good Flemish and that father she have the custody because my Flemish wasn’t good enough for her majesty. I am originally fromAzerbaijan married to a British who lived in Belgium since he was 10. So obviously he spoke the language and I only had a basic of Dutch.
    What upseted the court that I have lived in Belgium for 10 years now and haven’t been integrated. At home my ex always spoke English since it was his mother tongue and he didn’t really bother to help me or our son to learn and to speak the language.
    Now my son is traumatised and stuck in the house where he doesn’t want to be. I only get to see him during the weekends every two weeks which means 4days a month. For me and my son it’s a torture. His father is basically enjoying this whole situation because he know how much it hurts me. He doesn’t let me speak or see my son any other days than my weekends. Every time I drop my child off he is in tears begging me not take him to his dad but what do I have to do through my tears and bleeding heart is to convince him that he has to go. I am appealing to get him back and it’s been a year and no one know when the court will make some time to hear me out again. It’s devestating and I completely understand you Beth. 🙁 🙁

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