Cancelled Visit, 18.1.2014

Was just informed by the visiting centre that my visit tomorrow is cancelled because the father alleges both Samuel AND Benjamin have fever.

The latest court document is an application by the Social Services to increase my maintenance.

The court already increased it from 110 Euros per child per month to 150 per child per month. I appealed on the basis that after paying for my visits and my basic living costs, I cannot afford this on a freelance teacher’s salary. The court ignored an independent expert report which said this amount of maintenance was unrealistic.

The Social Services, acting for the father also appealed. They have argued it is not enough and I must pay 165 Euros per child per month! They are prepared to go to such petty lengths to extort 30 Euros more per month from me!



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  1. For God’s sake this beggars belief Beth has to pay maintenance for kids she hardly sees to a worthless parasite of an ex who is wealthy and does not need the money. This is a concerted effort by Schlesinger to grind Beth into the ground so she will get dispirited and give up and that will never happen as Beth has right on her side, loyal supporters and Hashem on her side.

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