Global Chabad Accountability

Rabbi Schneerson, the leader of Chabad

Over the last ten years, there have been many hundreds of conversations with Chabad Rabbis all over the world about the custody case of the Schlesinger twins in Vienna. One recurring theme during those conversations was that even if there was a public acceptance by Chabad that Rabbi Biderman’s actions were part of the problem, and causing a public disgrace to Chabad (in many cases directly influencing people to “withdraw their donations from Chabad, because of the way Chabad has behaved in this case“), there is no central Chabad authority able to intervene or discipline Rabbi Biderman in any way.

The head Chabad Shliach in Austria, Rabbi Jacob Biderman has been undeniably involved in the case in support of the father having full custody of the children. In an article in 2012, Rabbi Jacob Biderman told Beth that her husband would be prepared to grant her a get only if she dropped her battle for custody of the children, and was “willing to leave him in peace”.

Chabad Central offices and leadership have been lobbied and after many hours of reluctant conversations over a two year period, this was their response:

“It is ultimately up to Rabbi Biderman to make a determination as how to best address this issue consistent with the facts on the ground.”

Rabbi Mendel Sharfstein from Chabad in Crown Heights
Chabad Rabbi Biderman of Austria

Does Chabad have any central authority from Crown Heights or accountability to their colleagues in other regions?

In 2015, Rabbi Yosef Feldman was removed [from Chabad dot org] after “his controversial comments to the Royal Commission, including his suggestion that paedophiles who had not committed sex crimes for two decades should be treated with leniency.” This was echoed by Manny Waks.

In 2017, a group of Rabbis met with the pope, and a video went viral showing those Rabbis dancing with the pope afterwards. According to the article, “A Chabad dot org list of “official emissaries” no longer contains the address of Chabad of Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn, whose leader, Rabbi Dovber Pinson, was on the trip.”

In 2021, “Rabbi Michoel Green, who is on a warpath against COVID vaccines … has been dismissed by Chabad in Massachusetts and delisted from Lubavitch World Headquarters.”

In 2021 a Chabad house in Manchester, England was removed from Chabad dot org website after being listed for many years. If anyone wishes to know more details, they should contact the Jewish Telegraph .

The opposite is also true. Sometimes, there is pressure from local communities to have the incumbent Chabad leadership step down in favour of a replacement board. Here is an example of Central Chabad in Crown Heights stepping in to intervene.

Letter to the Melbourne community

In a further perplexing example, the head Chabad Rabbi in Russia publicly put pressure on the Swedish government on matters that were totally unconnected to him.

On an informal level Chabad Rabbis from all over the world meet up for their Kinus conference where friendships are cemented, ideas exchanged and favours called in. To suggest that there is no communication between Chabad Houses in different regions is absurd.

In conclusion, it is factually incorrect to say that Chabad Centres around the world are independent. The actions of one Chabad Rabbi will have implications on the Chabad global brand. Chabad can choose to distance themselves from such a Rabbi, as has been demonstrated in other situations, or alternatively, accept that the actions of this Rabbi is representative of what Chabad stands for in practice. If they allow one of their representatives to remain on their Chabad shliach directory, then that is an endorsement of him and everything he has done in his capacity as Chabad shliach.


Chabad Rabbi Biderman of the Lauder Chabad school

On 1st March 2022 the following statement was published by the Lauder Chabad school on their facebook page:

Lauder Chabad Campus
Unfortunately, and unjustly, Jewish institutions in Vienna are being attacked on social media due to a personal divorce dispute.
Lauder Chabad Campus and its staff are proud to provide quality education to all interested families of the Jewish community of Vienna.
We are entirely impartial and wholly uninvolved in these personal family affairs. These issues are dealt solely by the legal authorities over whom we have no influence.
Due to data protection issues and ethical reasons, we cannot discuss individual cases via social media.

Biderman and the Lauder Chabad school claim to be impartial, yet they have done the following:

  • Submitted a statement to the court. Read here
  • Covered up the abuse of Sammy and Benjy Schlesinger. Read here
  • Forwarded private emails to judge Konstanze Thau who is not legally allowed to be involved in the case. Read here.
  • Lauder Chabad school did not allow Beth to attend the twins’ birthday party at the kindergarten. Read here.
  • Lauder Chabad have blocked Beth from attending every parents’ evening, concerts, birthday parties or a single event at the school. They have not provided Beth with any school reports so she has no idea what progress, if any, the twins are making or even what they may be learning.
  • Blatantly told Chief Rabbi Mirvis, and the late Lord Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks that Beth was mentally ill despite knowing this was a lie.

Impartial: Dictionary definition: not partial or biased; fair; just

Visition appeal denied






Thanks for the super birthday present, Austria.

**Postscript for clarification** This appeal decision received TODAY relates to the previous application for CONTACT which was denied by Susanne Gottlicher in Nov 2021.

Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Friedman has since started NEW PROCEEDINGS for the transfer of SOLE CUSTODY. He believes this latest ruling will only strengthen my case; 1) to prove the corruption 2) to show yet further evidence that Sammy and Benji are being held captive and denied ALL contact to any relatives / outside world

This case goes beyond a private custody battle. 2 children have been “legally” kidnapped whilst the Jewish community of Vienna are covering up child abuse.

Evidence of Parental Alienation and Domestic Abuse

August 2021. As a result of contact application. Total manipulation and psychological damage to his own children. These texts ripped out my heart.

[The “guardian” is an independent person appointed by the state with the sole responsibility of representing the children’s interests. The guardian does not represent either parent in the custody case.]

The father’s response to the Times of Israel article :TRANSLATION”Look in the mirror. But careful it doesn’t break”

May be an image of text that says "Today 12:17 What is so funny? Schau mal in den Spiegel 12:21 �� 12:22 Aber pass auf das er nicht zerbricht 12:22 Message"

Text message samples

May be an image of text that says "Can the boys please call 18:35 Unfortunately they dont want to, they read everyday what you and your "friends" are writing....the children from their class feel sorry for them. You completely chose the wrong way....dknt you want to change the way of thinking? Its not too late 18:41"

The Corruption and Collusion in Case of Schlesinger Twins

“A senior Austrian judge, Konstanze Thau, a friend of the father’s family, sought to influence the judge hearing the case on behalf of the father”

MP Ivan Lewis representations to the British parliament, 14 January 2014

Corrupt: Konstanze Thau

In February 2010, Michael Schlesinger was evicted from the family apartment by police after being deemed a danger to Beth and the children. He immediately approached his close family friend, high Court Judge, Konstanze Thau to initiate custody proceedings on his behalf.

Since the mother repeatedly accused the judge of bias as part of her custody appeal, Ms Gottlicher saw it an necessary to include a transcript from 12.9.2011 (ON 263) to document that Ms Thau had called her and explained that there was a father who wanted to file an immediate application in a custody process and that she (Thau) requested whether an urgent meeting with Judge Gottlicher would be possible, which she (Gottlicher) agreed to.” (Susanne Göttlicher, 25.3.2013, rejection of application to recuse her)

A copy of such a transcript was never sent to Beth’s lawyer nor recorded on the court file.

the matter is explained as follows – the father did not yet have legal representation and therefore appealed to Ms Thau to arrange an appointment for him – bearing in mind the effort she was making.” (Schlesinger’s reply to the custody appeal)

In any democtratic system in the world, such an intervention would be considered an attempt to pervert the course of justice. However, Judge Gottlicher determined – in deciding on the application to have her removed – that Thau’s intervention on the father’s behalf was not proofof bias:

The fact that one who has no legal involvement in the case is friends with a party in the proceedings does not automatically mean that the judge can successfully be recused because of bias, otherwise it would be possible to recuse any unwanted judge on the claims of friendships or relationships.” Susanne Gottlicher, 25.3. 2013.

Yet on learning of the allegations, a local Viennese journalist decided to investigate. Her findings were reported in a news story (Heute) printed on 7 January 2013:

This newspaper can now reveal the findings of our research: For months a high court judge (name known) has intervened on the side of the father (the high court judge is a good friend of the ex-husband).

Beth’s lawyer further discovered:

(the journalist) is also a member of the Jewish Community of Vienna and regularly meets Ms Thau there (Synagogue). As already mentioned, since this case is the number one topic of the Jewish community, (the journalist) became interested in it and carried out research. She also personally overheard Ms. Konstanz Thau boasting that she (Konstanze Thau) influenced the psychological report (Willinger Report) and also had regular contact with the judge on the case.” (application to recuse Judge Gottlicher).

How could it be possible that Thau may also have been instrumental in the psychologist report on which the custody decision was based?

Judge Gottlicher commissioned psychologist Dr Ulrike Willinger to carry out the assessment and provide the Court with a recommendation for custody. The 80-page report was wholly one-sided in favour of Mr Schlesinger and recommended him for sole custody, omitting all reference to the alleged history of violence.

The author of the report was a colleague of Kenneth Thau; they worked together in the AKH hospital. In fact, Kenneth Thau, was Willinger’s line manager. Kenneth Thau is married to Konstanze Thau, which would explain Thau’s alleged bragging that she was able to influence the Willinger report.

Kenneth Thau

Not only did Konstanze Thau make representations to Judge Göttlicher on Schlesinger’s behalf, it was later documented that she also contacted a Dr Vavrik, the superior of the twins’ psychologist who had written several reports in Beth’s favour .

“…Ms Thau was advised … to contact Dr Vavrik… to request him to examine the childen. After which, senior expert Dr Vavrik…refused to undertake (the request) in what was for him and his clinic a very delicate matter. [Reply to custody appeal, 22.8.2011].

Beth’s lawyer wrote to Dr Vavrik to ask if Thau had indeed contacted him which he confirmed.

The Thaus are prominent members of the IKG. Konstanze Thau was converted by former Chief Rabbi Paul Eisenberg. The conversions themselves have been the subject of much controversy with some Rabbis in Israel refusing to recognise the legitimacy of Viennese conversions:

Joining the dots in this tangled web of deceit and the final nail in the coffin for Beth, Sammy and Benji is the link between Konstanze Thau & Rabbi Biderman, head of the Lauder Chabad school who is reported to have covered up the abuse.

Below, evidence of Jacob Biderman forwarding Beth’s private emails on to Konstanze Thau.

Letter from Chief Rabbi Daniel Lieberman of Perth

As published on the Daas Torah blog

16 February 2022

15 Adar I 5782

To Whom it May Concern

I am deeply distressed to hear that Beth Alexander is still being refused access to her children. As I am sure you are aware, the Torah places great emphasis on the mother – child relationship (Vayikra 22:27 and Devarim 22:6) in the case of animals, which should be the case even more so with human beings.

It is unconscionable that this situation be allowed to continue, and it is imperative that Beth be granted rights of visitation with her children immediately. This is both for her mental health as a mother and that of her sons who need the connection and nurturing from this vital relationship.

While I recognize that marital breakdown situations are often painful and complex, I am extremely disappointed to hear allegations that certain Rabbanim, Shluchim and community activists have interfered with the court processes leading to this appalling injustice and the denying of a mother her vital connection with her children.

I urge you to take whatever steps necessary to ensure that this situation is addressed and resolved, and full visitation rights are afforded to Beth at the earliest possible opportunity.

Yours Faithfully

Rabbi Daniel Lieberman

Chief Rabbi

Child Abuse: The Collusion and Cover up by Lauder Chabad

as published on

The role played by Jacob Biderman head of the Lauder school in the cover up of the abuse of Sammy and Benji Schlesinger who have been held captive in his school since they were 2 years old is no secret. At Beth’s pleas for the children to be assessed, Judge Gottclicher visited the kindergarten herself in November 2012. Despite her recording that Benji was “deliberately ramming himself against the wall” in an act of self-harm, Biderman testified to the Court 5 months earlier that the children were “thriving with their father”.

Dated 15.5.2012

I, Rabbi Jacob Biderman, born on 28.11.1957 declare the following in testimony to the court:

In the last few days I was contacted by a Rabbinic colleague in England who informed me that an acquaintance of Beth Schlesinger has initiated a media campaign which is about to be publicised. The media campaign claims that this is a ‘horror story,’ that the twins Samuel and Benjamin Schlesinger are in a very bad state with their father and that their father is endangering them. They further claim that this is demonstrated by the fact that Samuel needed a number of teeth removed. I refuted these claims and told this Rabbi that the director of the Lauder Chabad Kindergarten, which is under my authority, has told me not only about how well the children have settled into kindergarten since Autumn but also how much they have developed psychologically. I also told my English colleague that these false and one-sided claims illustrate amateur journalism and above all, harm the children Furthermore, I am being harassed by different Rabbonim from England, Israel and Australia who have contacted me to ask me to help the mother because – according to her – the children are in a terrible state.
Rabbi Jacob Biderman

When Rabbis around the world called Rabbi Biderman to ask him to intervene, he told them that Beth was “mentally ill”.

The director of the Lauder Chabad school is Mrs Rivka Mendelsohn. On Sunday 24th February 2013, Beth bumped into her daughter Batya Mendelsohn who reported to Beth as follows:

Batya had seen the twins in the Chabad shul the day before (shabbat) and one of the twins had been crying continuously the entire time. She said the crying was so bad that Mr Schlesinger had to leave with the children. She further told Beth that her mother, the director of Lauder Chabad had been “terrrorised and reduced to tears by Mr Schlesinger’s lawyer, Marina Breitenecker as well as by a judge” (presumably Konstanze Thau) who had threatened her.

Batya said her mother very much wanted to talk to me about the children as she was very concerned for the twins who were clearly in a bad state. However, since her mother Rivka Mendelsohn was “constantly receiving threatening telephone calls and letters (from the father’s side) she was too afraid.

Beth’s lawyer applied for both Batya and Rivka Mendelsohn to come to Court as witnesses to testify about what had happened. When they came before the Judge as witnesses, however, both denied having been threatened and denied that the conversations with Beth had ever taken place.

Below is the email from Biderman evidencing the father and his lawyer’s intimidation tactics to the school.

Date: Tue, Mar 6, 2012 at 11:40 PM
Subject: AW: visit today

Dear Rabbi Kennard and Mrs. Schlesinger,

I have learned that it is impossible for me to mediate in this case, it is beyond my capacity. I hear all the time from both sides a complete different narrative about every single detail, who is willing/not willing, doing/not doing, what has happened/not happened etc. and above all what is good/bad for the children.
In addition I regret to have to share with you that Dr. Schlesinger’s lawyer wrote this afternoon, in contradiction to my previous email, that the kindergarten may not give the mother any information about the children without the permission of the father which has the custody right over the children by the verdict of the court.

I really believe that in this case only someone that has the needed education, experience and time to get involved and follow consistently the case from the near can be of help and mediate. I plea for understanding and ask you to approach other Rabbis or/and the ESRA association for the benefit of the situation.

With best wishes for an easy fast
Rabbi Jacob Biderman

The above statement is a blatant lie. At no time was there a court order preventing the school from speaking to Beth or providing her with welfare reports. Despite Beth’s repeated requests for Biderman to show her any such Court order, Biderman was unable to produce one. Nevertheless, he and his school blocked all of Beth’s access to the children who were under his control. Beth was excluded from all parent meetings, parties and events.

Ronald Lauder’s personal reputation is being damaged by the cover up of child abuse in an institution bearing his name. Sammy and Benji Schlesinger have been victim to a massive miscarriage of justice and denied their mother’s love over a decade. The above actions demonstrate that not only were Chabad complicit in the abuse but actively colluded in destroying 2 children’s lives.

Biderman presenting a Torah to Ronald Lauder. Reported here
Beth explaining the case of the Schlesinger Twins to Ronald Lauder in Vienna in 2015. Reported here

Letter to Oskar Deutsch from the Representative Body of the Jewish Community of Greater Manchester & Region

7 February 2022

Mr Oskar Deutsch
IKG Wien


Dear Mr Deutsch


I write to you as the representative body of the Jewish community of Greater Manchester & Region. The Alexander family are prominent members of our community and we have been asked to intervene and proactively support the campaign to reunite Beth with her children.

I appeal to you as the head of the Austrian Jewish community to address this issue. In good conscience, I fail to see how a Jewish representative body can fail to understand the devastating effect this case has had on a mother and her children. I request the Austrian Jewish community look to proactively resolve this situation which is causing immense damage to all involved.

For the sake of the future mental health and wellbeing of her sons, Benjy and Sammy, this wrongful treatment of Beth Alexander needs to urgently cease. I am sure your voice as leader of the community is extremely powerful. As a result, I kindly request you advocate for a full and healthy relationship between Beth and her children.

If the JRC are able to support in any way, then please do not hesitate to be in touch.

Yours sincerely

Marc Levy
Chief Executive

EXPOSED: Vienna ISRAELITISCHE KULTUSGEMEINDE (IKG) Conspiracy Scandal against Beth UK Mum of Twins

Zev Brenner radio show 10th February 2022


Jewish News 10th February 2022

Mum seeking reunion with sons dismisses offer of help as ’tissue of lies’

Beth Alexander hit out at the president of the Vienna Jewish community over a ‘whitewash’ letter to assist, as she seeks to participate in her twins’ barmitzvahs

By Jenni Frazer February 7, 2022, 5:33 pm

Beth Schlesinger (née Alexander) with her two children

A letter from the president of the Vienna Jewish community, Oskar Deutsch, offering to help the British Jewish solicitor, Beth Alexander, to take part in the upcoming June barmitzvah of her twin sons, Samuel and Benjamin, has been denounced by a furious Ms Alexander as “a whitewash” and “a tissue of lies”.

Mr Deutsch wrote to the Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, last week, offering to help Ms Alexander, who has been in prolonged dispute with her ex-husband, Dr Michael Schlesinger, since shortly after the twins’ birth nearly 13 years ago. The couple have fought many battles in court, during which Dr Schlesinger challenged Ms Alexander’s fitness as a mother, while she accused him of calling on his contacts in the Vienna Jewish community in order to impede her relationship with the children.

In his letter to Chief Rabbi Mirvis, Oskar Deutsch states that both he and “many members of our community, tried to mediate and find solutions” to the apparent intractable breakdown of relations between Dr Schlesinger and Ms Alexander. He writes: “The Jewish community did not participate in the court case beside the fact that many members individually helped her before, during and after the hearings”.

Ms Alexander describes this as “a complete fabrication. I never received help at any time. I was always alone with my lawyer. I asked people to come along as my witnesses. I asked my neighbour to come as my witness and she kept adjourning and eventually refused. People were terrified to say publicly that they supported me”.

She claimed that she had received phone calls from women whose husbands had told them they were not allowed to support her. “Everyone and anyone who tried to support me was warned off — I was left totally isolated [in Vienna] in a den of thieves”.

Ms Alexander said that the situation had developed “way beyond the barmitzvah. My latest application is to transfer sole custody [of the twins] back to me. We are looking for justice to be done, and those responsible must be held to account. To offer me a crumb, to be present at the barmitzvah, is an affront, it is insulting. It’s an insult to all my supporters who have written in their hundreds, pleading with [Dr Schlesinger] to bring the children back home to their mother”.

Oskar Deutch, after a conversation with Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis — who flew to Vienna in 2018 to try to resolve the situation — now says that everyone should “rally behind the immediate goal of helping Beth to participate at her twins’ upcoming barmitzvah”. He has told the Chief Rabbi that he personally has contacted Dr Schlesinger and reports that “he says he never declined Beth attending their sons’ barmitzvah and is still willing to allow her to see the boys within a framework both need to commit to”.

He emphasises that “the ruling over the children’s custody is a legal one and has been made by independent courts. The Jewish community did not participate in the court case… no president, no rabbi and no community official is able to influence or even overrule a court hearing”. Nevertheless, he says: “One cannot hear about Beth’s fate without being deeply touched… I feel her pain”.

In relaunching her campaign to gain custody of her sons, Ms Alexander has given power of attorney to a controversial religious figure, Rabbi Moshe Friedman, who is based in Antwerp. According to the Jewish Telegraph, he has staged a “dramatic intervention” and has pledged to “reunite” Beth Alexander with her sons.

The paper quotes him as saying that the Vienna Jewish community “feared his involvement in cases and described it as “a game changer. The community fear me. This is their worst case scenario,” he told the paper.

He has been involved in a number of high-profile court cases, notably one in which he sued after a school in Antwerp refused to accept his sons as students at a girls’ school. In 2006 the New York- born Friedman took part in a Holocaust revisionist conference in Tehran, organised by the then Iranian president, MahmoudAhmadinejad. But he has strenuously denied that he “played down” the number of those who died in the Holocaust and says that there is a “lot of smoke” cast upon him by various authorities.

Rabbi Friedman says he was Chief Rabbi of Vienna — “it’s an indisputable fact” — between 2002 and 2003. A list of rabbis of the IKG, (the acronym for the Vienna Jewish community), does not show his name; but Rabbi Friedman says the IKG went to court — and lost — a case which they pursued in order to draw a distinction between media references to him and the acknowledged Chief Rabbi Paul Eisenberg.