Austrian Press, ‘Osterreich’ 10.11.2013

Mum Beth forced to endure Viennese father must be happy with his decision

Mum Beth forced to endure
Viennese father must be happy with this decision


Vienna doctor in 2 year conflict with British mum
Yet another bitter cross-border custody battle. This time the father won.
Vienna: Twins Samuel and Benjamin (4) pulled back and forth between 2 worlds: First they could live with their British mum Beth (29), then their ‘respectable’ Viennese father (33) fought for custody. Has calm now finally been restored to the lives of the children?
A judge in the second district court, Leopoldstadt, made a final decision this week: the father may keep his sons – permanently.
Mum Beth even appealed for help to the Austrian Embassy
The parents have fought each other for two years. Psychological assessments on mum Beth and her psychological state were presented as evidence. The anguished mother turned to the British media and has even appealed to the Austrian Ambassador in London for assistance. She collected signatures for a petition and organised demonstrations. One (Austrian) newspaper has even called this a ‘Judicial Scandal.’
A judge ruled against the mother in favour of the Viennese father, Wednesday.
70% increase in visitation battles
Beth may currently only see her sons every Tuesday and every second Sunday. For her: it is hell, for the father: a relief and for the little boys?
The number of custody battles in Austria this year stands at 12,895 cases (September count). The number of visitation applications has risen more than 70% since 2009.
Tragic: The ones to suffer are always the children








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  1. What happened to the ‘best interests of the children’ standard? Children, especially young children, need their mothers. This is applicable to all mammals, especially humans. It is built into the nature of the world. And as for the mental instability strategy, you hardly seem to be ‘untogether’ and your resilience and steadfastness in relation to your children are evidence of your total sanity, despite this most unfair situation. Thinking of you and your boys

  2. Lets say Dr Schlesinger keeps the children till they become independant adults. By then the twins will be using computer programs far in advance of today’s facebook, twitter etc. Their father will not be able to hide or censor the information for long and those children will discover the truth.Even if Dr Schlesinger tries to hide the facts or will probably have brainwashed the children into thinking the mother was unfit there will be plenty of electronic information that these children will eventually find. The many articles in the press in England, Israel, Austria, America, Australia will be a testament to what really happened to Beth. The truth will come out. Dr Schlesinger will not be able to supress the information forever. Then these children will know that truth of this teriible injustice. So Dr Schlesinger enjoy your reign of power and pompous nasty arrogance. The day will come when it will come back to bite you. Perhaps it will only be in your old age but you will not be able to black out this information from your children forever.Justice will prevail sooner or later

  3. The truth is that Beth does not see her sons every second Sunday.On numerous occasions, with no evidence for the father’s claims that one is ill and therefore he can’t bring the other one either, she waits in vain for them early on Sunday mornings. Hersch – the boys will be asking long before they’re independent adults why they are not permitted to live with their mother but you’re right about the electronic (and paper) trails. They’ll be there for many a day and the boys will ask why so few people in the Jewish community in Vienna did anything to support them in their years of need. Mediation between the devoted mother and the childish,tyrannical, control-freak father surely would have been possible earlier in the religious circles to which both belong. This whole disastrous story does give outsiders a poor impression of a community which suffered so much in the past, yet is apparently either helpless or unwilling to aid in finding solutions to certain members’ problems in the present.

  4. Franziska I agree.The biggest problem is that the doctor is well connected and you are assuming the Jewish community in Vienna are helpless or unwilling. Of course they are unwilling. The doctor is well respected and well liked and they believe he is right. Whatever lies he may be saying, unfortunately.Also the Chief Rabbi in Vienna who’s Rabbi son in Manchester is on Beth’s side is also unwilling to help Beth. He is probably afraid he will lose his position if he comes out against herr doctor!!!Community feelings can also be brainwashed. If you followed the story in Melbourne about the child molestations within the jewish community here where a guy called Manny Waks brought the problem into the public arena because he was one of the victims. His parents, well respected originally by the Yeshivah Jewish Commnunity here have been shunned by those same people, their so called supposed friends in the yeshivah orthodox community because Manny, their son (one of their 17 children!!) was the whistle blower and now the perpetrators are being bough to justice. Just in this week’s jewish news there is an article that his parents have put their house on the market and they are moving to Israel because now they have been ostricized and shunned by the yeshivah community.This is to the uttmost dismay of the rest of the jewish community here. You see the Viennese Jewish Community probably are acting as miserably as this section of the Melbourne Jewish community. So don’t be surprised if the Viennese Jewish Community are on the doctor’s side. Also I listened to Beth’s being intervew by BBC Manchester that occurred in August 2013 on the radio, the jewish hour where she stated that in the beginning she did not have a lawyer because people told her she did not need one and that was unfortuinate. As for the boys unfortunately they will be brainwashed by the doctor, his close family and the community friends so it will have to take something extraordinary for them to believe anything else. Hopefully when Beth goes to the European court things will change. What has happened to Beth and her children is a monumental tragedy and as I stated some time ago on another comment -and in the country where the most evil of evil men was born and destroyed 6 million of us.

    • Yes, Hersch, the world knows about the courageous, admirable Manny Waks and if anyone here doesn’t, the whole shocking story may be found on:

      Beth’s experiences so far in Vienna send shivers down one’s spine after reading about Manny’s in Australia. There appears to be a common thread. And in today’s paper there was a comment about the Reichskristallnacht. Austria’s president reminded people of the co-responsibility of civil society for the pogroms on 10 Nov 1938. He stated that “most people looked away, were silent or even took part in the crimes themselves.” Dare we ask if this what is happening now in the Jewish Community in Vienna? Are its members ignoring the fate of a Jewish mother and her two young sons, just as members of the Melbourne community deliberately ostracized Manny and his family after he came out with the sexual abuse he had suffered at the hands of a fellow Jew? Are there people in the community who are supporting the Viennese father when it is clear that small children belong with their mother, especially when she has committed no crime and the father’s inhumane behaviour to her and his sons (depriving them of their mother, domestic violence and much more) is ignored by the judges? Beth has been denied her legal right to be with her children twice now within 3 days – is this the vengeance the father is apparently determined to get because she has made her concerns and desperation public in the face of overwhelming resistance by her own Jewish people in cahoots with an Austrian woman judge? I can assure the judge – contrary to her criticism of Beth for going to the media – that all of us who are mothers (perhaps she is not one?) would and in fact do exactly the same in this electronic era. Our children would not forgive us later if we didn’t.

  5. The more we read about the topic of cover-ups, the worse it gets… When we’re not connected in any way with Jewish communities, we know very little about these matters- just the occasional mind-boggling headlines. We know much more about the sins of the Roman Catholic church. Today, however, it looks like more and more courageous Jews on different sides of the world are speaking out about the horrific crimes within their communities – and suffering for it at the hands of their own people. Is this what is happening in Vienna too? Is court-licensed-abuse taking place, encouraged by the Jewish community itself? This is the impression members of the public are getting regarding Beth’s children – denied of their mother and suffering from trauma caused by separation from her. How many people are telling lies, both in and out of court, to cause Beth’s “excision” from her children’s lives?

    Safe Kids International – Facebook
    November 12, 2013 ·

    “Another Huge Cover Up Similar to Family Court
    WhistleBlower Rabbi “butchered” and “amputated” from community
    Citizens who expose cover up “ruined” and “condemned to exile”
    Protective Mothers “cast aside” and “excised” from children’s lives

    Ultra-Orthodox Jews who speak out about these abuses [child sexual assaults] are ruined and condemned to exile by their own community. Dr. Amy Neustein, a nonfundamentalist Orthodox Jewish sociologist and editor of Tempest in the Temple: Jewish Communities and Child Sex Scandals, told me the story of a series of Hasidic mothers in Brooklyn she got to know who complained that their children were being preyed on by their husbands.

    In these cases, the accused men “very quickly and effectively engage the rabbis, the Orthodox politicians, and powerful Orthodox rabbis who donate handsomely to political clubs.” The goal, she told me, is “to excise the mother from the child’s life.” Rabbinical courts cast the mothers aside, and the effects are permanent. The mother is “amputated.” One woman befriended by Dr. Neustein, a music student at a college outside New York, lost contact with all six of her children, including an infant she was breastfeeding at the time of their separation.

    …Like the Catholic establishment, the rabbinate seeks to cover up the crimes, quiet the victims, protect the abusers, and deflect potential criticism of their institutional practices. Those who speak out are vilified, and the faithful learn to shut their mouths.

    “The greatest sin is not the abuse, but talking about the abuse. Kids and parents who step forward to complain are crushed.”

    “The abuse and its cover-up are symptoms of wider political dysfunction—or, more precisely, symptoms of socially disastrous political control by religious elites.”

    “The same patterns of victim-blaming, covering up, idealizing the rabbis so that cover-ups aren’t even acknowledged, are found all across the spectrum of Orthodoxy.”

    *Paraphrased for CLA (Court Licensed Abuse”):
    The greatest crime is not the abuse, but reporting the abuse. Kids and parents who step forward to complain are crushed.

    The same patterns of victim-blaming, covering up, idealizing the fathers so that cover-ups aren’t even acknowledged, are found all across the spectrum of the judicial system.

    The abuse and its cover-up are symptoms of wider political dysfunction—or, more precisely, symptoms of socially disastrous political control by judicial elites.

    *Huge thanks to Rabbi Rosenberg for his courage in speaking out despite intense ostracism and attacks.
    “He is finished in the community, butchered,” said a fellow rabbi who would only talk anonymously.
    Recently Rosenberg sustained chemical burns from a cup of bleach thrown in his face.

    Thanks also to Attorney Michael Lesher and Protective Mom Amy Neustein for contributing to this article. Amy lost her daughter to CLA decades ago. Michael and she co-authored the definitive book on CLA: From Madness to Mutiny:

    And thanks to the reporter, Christopher Ketcham, for being concerned enough for the safety of children to write this article…
    Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg—who is 63 with a long, graying beard—recently sat down with me to explain what he described as a “child-rape assembly line” among sects of fundamentalist Jews.”

  6. My God this is mind boggling what is happening in the Orthodox communities the first I heard about this kind of thing was a few years ago in London when a strictly Orthdox boy was sexually molested by another Charedi male. The parents quite rightly reported it to the police and they were villified and ostracised by the community and called “moserim”. In the Talmud Jews are not allowed to inform on another Jew to a non Jew and this is strictly applied in the Orthdox community. I learned recently of a young twelve year old girl in New York who was systematically abused by an older Orthodox male and the rabbi who helped in the case had bleach thrown at him, was ostracised and was effectively finished in his community. This is totally disgusting and no matter what religion you are, whether you are an atheist or an agnostic if you do wrong especially abuse and especially sexual abuse against a child you must report that person to the secular authorities so that justice can be done. The strictly Orthodox believe that it should be kept within the community and dealt with by them and if they think that by ostracising the said person is a sufficient punishment they are sadly mistaken, the perpetrator can continue to keep abusing kids. A custodial sentence is the only justice that is needed as the parents and family must receive justice and ostracisation in the community is way below what is expected in most people’s minds.

  7. I think this is how the Austrian Jewish community view Beth as a moser and that she should have kept it within her community, soldiered on in her marriage and persevered no matter what, that she shouldn’t have started this campaign and boy are they making her suffer. An absolutely stupid way of looking at the situation, what was she supposed to do just grin and bear it as he was physically assaulting her which possibly could have resulted in her murder and he was making her life a misery, there was no other solution for her other than what she did. The fact that her kids were subjected to this beggars belief they could be traumatised by the behaviour of the father to their mother which will manifest itself when they eventually start to communicate. These kids must be taken away from the father and the quicker the better he’s a danger to them.

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