Another cancelled visit, 26.1.2014

Yet again the father has cancelled today´s visit.

The woman at the visiting centre phoned me on Friday to tell me that Mr Schlesinger has cancelled Sunday´s visit because he was ´very angry.´ He told her that I had written in the last blog post that he had left Sammy alone when he was ill!

When I told her that was not true, she said, ´I know it isn´t.´

Another weak pathetic excuse why the children can´t see their mother.I haven’t seen Sammy for 2 weeks!

The visiting centre is closing down and Tuesday (if he doesn´t cancel) will be my final visit with the children. The father has not agreed to any alternative arrangement I have offered.

Rabbi Eisenberg kindly offered to do the handovers at no cost. Rabbi Hofmeister kindly offered to host me and the children on alternate Shabbatot meals and the kindergarten would be another option but he has refused all options. He insists on supervised handovers but will not say how.

ESRA, a government funded organization set up to help Jewish women and children have previously refused to do the handovers.

A father who genuinely loved his children would not be cruel enough to deny them access to their mother.



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