Another cancelled visit 15.12.2013

I was owed a visit today as a substitute for the cancelled visits but was informed during the week that the visit today was cancelled – again! No reason was given.

Remembering the precious hours we spent together last sunday:

                        photo 3

photo 4


photo 2



Another cancelled visit 15.12.2013 — 1 Comment

  1. Not again, how cruel can Schlesinger be, what a vindictive piece of scum? It is disgraceful for a father to behave in this fashion to the mother of his children and to deny his kids the company of their mother. He is a disgrace to the Jewish religion, a religion that is composed of charity and compassion. Also the Viennese rabbinate and the Jewish community on the whole are a disgrace in siding with the loathsome Schlesinger. I just hope the Ambassador etc. in London will finally do something constructive and not just have listened politely to Mr. Arkush etc. and do nothing. The kids are deeply unhappy looking and must be returned to their mother, that is the only logical conclusion.

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