The judge has made a final custody order.

Samuel and Benjamin’s father has been awarded FULL & IMMEDIATE CUSTODY. My visiting rights remain the same- every Tuesday 11- 5pm and every second Sunday 9-5pm. Visits are to continue at the centre and I will still have to pay 44 Euros each visit to see my children. My applications for weekend access and overnight visits have all been denied by Judge Susanne Göttlicher.

Once again, her decision came as a total shock. She has held NO CUSTODY HEARINGS, has heard all my witnesses IN SECRET COURT, behind closed doors so I did not have the opportunity to cross-examine them or present any of my evidence.

She has not commissioned a psychological assessment on the father or the children, despite my repeated applications and despite her instructions to do so by both the Appeal Court and Supreme Court.

I have a 14 day window to appeal. It is holiday time in Vienna and the city has practically shut down. My lawyer and virtually every good lawyer in town is away on holiday. She timed her last custody decision at exactly the same time. 2 years ago exactly knowing the holiday situation.





  1. This is very wrong!
    We’re are the people who voted for the judge ? They must know the inconsistencies and questionable practices with the court!
    Something does NOT sound right here!

  2. What happened to the change in judge?!? unbelievable… I was really hoping for a positive response after this strong campaign that touched hearts across the world, and all the heartache Beth is going through – this is tragic, so sad, so wrong that the courts won’t make any compromise in the rubbish custody arrangements for the sake of the children who are also not developing as they should, and are obviously traumatised and need to be with their mother as they are not getting the attention and love from their father and the two au pairs who look after them. They seem to be treating Beth like a criminal, it’s just so wrong and unfair.

  3. Beth, it is vital that you lodge an urgent appeal. Under cover of the summer holidays, appalling things are happening that should not be possible in any Austrian court. Shame on the family court in Vienna :-(. What is happening to you and your children at present is what one would expect under a communist regime or in a dictatorship but not in a country that prides itself on all it has achieved since the Russians left.

  4. OMG what a travesty of justice something is not right here, this judge must be a very strong family friend to be behaving in such a fashion and if she is this should not make an iota of a difference in how she should administer the law. Surely that’s why she got into law to administer justice fairly or there is another sinister reason perhaps that she’s having an affair with the father if that’s the case then again that’s morally wrong for her to sit in judgement on this case? She is not fit for purpose to practice as a judge and should be reported as unfit to the Law Society in Austria. The father is mentally unstable and is not fit whatsoever to look after these children nor are the nannies fit because nobody in their right mind would care for kids in their condition nor work for such a person with clearly mental issues. Add to this the insult that Beth has to pay 44 euros every visit which financially will cripple her. Would it be worth while and/or is it possible for us en masse to complain to the Austrian Law Society and how long will it be before this horrific case can go before the European Court of Justice?

  5. This is an even more horrific situation than before. I cannot imagine how Beth &her family can have the strength to keep fighting but I know how strong you are & you must succeed. What hold has the father over this so called Judge. No Judge in the UK would be able to do what she has done & still be allowed to practice. You must lodge an appeal with the Human Rights court immediately. This woman cannot have children of her own & she must have a heart of stone. What can we do to help to ensure justice is done & the children are restored to their mother. PG good will prevail before the children are irreparably damaged & the judge & father get their just desserts.

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