Article in “Heute” Austrian newspaper 26.11.2012,828518 JUDICIAL SCANDAL: VIENNESE COURT TAKES CHILDREN AWAY FROM MOTHER! It is the nightmare of every mother. Beth S. (28) is feeding her twins, Samuel and Benjamin (three and a half years old), as the doorbell rings. Four police officers … Continue reading

Jewish Chronicle, 15.11.2012

Demonstrators support Beth Alexander “AUSTRIAN JUSTICE STINKS” read one of the placards held by a 40-strong group of protesters outside Wembley Synagogue on Sunday night. The demonstrators were friends and family of Beth Alexander, an Orthodox Jewish woman from Manchester … Continue reading

Times Of Israel: Post-Partum Repression Post-Partum Repression Rena Teeger Is there any greater betrayal than a young mother losing custody of her newborn child through the combination of dubious medical assertions, illegitimate legal strategies and the indecent use of power and influence? When situations … Continue reading